Products FAQ

What is Flavour Beast? 

Flavour Beast is a Canadian-based company specializing in vaping products, including disposable vaping devices, pods, and e-liquids. 


Where can I purchase Flavour Beast products? 

You can purchase Flavour Beast products through our official website and authorized retailers across Canada. Check our website for a list of approved vendors through the Store Locator. 


How can I contact Flavour Beast customer support? 

You can contact customer support via email at, or you can simply fill out the General Inquiries Form, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions or feedback that you have. 


Do you offer a variety of e-liquid flavours? 

Yes! Flavour Beast provides a wide range of e-liquid flavours, including tobacco, menthol, fruits, delights, and refreshments as category options. 


Can I subscribe to updates or newsletters from Flavour Beast? 

Yes, you can simply create an account on and check subscribe during the sign-up process. 


What are the contents/ingredients for Flavour Beast E-Liquid? 

Our e-liquids contain 4 main components: 
-Propylene glycol 
-Vegetable glycerine  
-Artificial flavouring (except Flavourless products) 
-Nicotine Base