Warranty and Refunds FAQ

Does Flavour Beast offer a product warranty and how can I claim it? 

Flavour Beast provides a 30-day warranty from the date of purchase, assuring the original buyer that the product is free from defects in material and craftsmanship during standard use. 
To avail the warranty service, you must file a Warranty Claim on flavourbeast.com within the specified 30-day period from the purchase date as indicated on your receipt. Initiate your Warranty Claim by completing the form available here: Warranty Claim. 
For warranty service, Flavour Beast will ask the customer to present proof of purchase and may necessitate compliance with certain registration protocols. Be aware that multiple documents, like a purchase receipt and a confirmation of the items bought, may be essential to process a warranty claim. 


Looking to return or get a refund for your Flavour Beast purchase? 

Flavour Beast has a specific return and refund policy. If you're not satisfied or find a defect in the product, please refer to our guidelines. For a detailed understanding, visit our website and refer to our shipping, refunds, and warranty policy
Purchases made on flavourbeast.com are considered final once shipped, meaning they cannot be returned or exchanged. For any product defects, consult our warranty guidelines detailed further below. 
It's crucial to understand that all our shipments utilize our national courier's age verification service. This ensures that only individuals of legal age to buy vaping products in their region place orders with us. If you fail to provide valid photo ID verifying your age at the time of delivery or pickup, your package will be sent back to us, and you'll be ineligible for a refund. 


Can I warranty the Level X device with Flavour Beast? 

Yes, you can. You have two options to submit claim with us. You can send the warranty claim via Level X official website at Levelxvape.com or at FlavourBeast.com
Kindly fill out all the necessary information needed and attach the purchase receipt and a screenshot of the defective device/item.